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The NFL Says They're Still Working on That Big Spygate 2 Investigation

In case anyone has forgotten, on December 8th, members of the Kraft Productions film crew were in Cleveland doing a feature on the Patriots advance scout for the team's website.  They were promptly nabbed pointing their camera at Cincinnati's sideline by eagle-eyed members of the Bengals' staff who were sitting five feet away, and handed over to the NFL authorities. No one knows for sure what subtle irregularities first tipped them off, but it might have had to do with one of crew wearing a Bruins hoodie and the fact they had a camera on a tripod in front of everyone. 

What we do know is the league launched an investigation. Kraft Productions handed over all the evidence. The video in question was released a week later:

 And the NFL let it be known this was a grave and serious situation, they would put their top sleuths on it, and justice would be done swiftly and surely. Today is April 15th. With a Leap Day in there, that makes it 129 days since this particular Warren Commission started its investigation. And since then? Crickets.

So credit where it's due to Pro Football Talk for asking the question that seems to be on nobody's mind:

“The matter remains under review,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email on Tuesday.

The Patriots promptly admitted that a member of the team’s in-house video production crew recorded the Cincinnati sideline, but the league denied any intention violation or connection between the video crew and football operations. The Patriots played the Bengals one week after the incident.

“Our responsibility is to make sure we’re being extremely thorough,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said during his pre-Super Bowl press conference, on January 29. “We’re going to get it right and when we come to a conclusion we’ll certainly make sure that people are aware of it.”

With the draft only nine days away, any punishment that would entail forfeiture of 2020 draft picks needs to be issued soon. 

"The matter remains under review." "We're being extremely thorough." Get a load of these disingenuous, sanctimonious, self-important twits. So there hasn't been enough time? They're going to, what? Keep tracking down leads? Interviewing suspects? Meeting with the forensics team to see what fresh clues they've come up with? Cross referencing their data? In 129 days the Spanish Inquistion would've tortured their suspects into confessing they'd been sexually consorting with Lucifer by now. 

But this isn't about getting to the truth. This is about knowing the truth and not wanting to admit it. There won't be any draft picks taken away, next week or next year. Because if the league could've pinned something on the Patriots football operations by now, they would have. This is about letting the accusation linger out there so it's another thing people can hang on the most notorious cheaters in the history of cheating. And never, ever admitting the allegations were w-w-wrong

 Remember how every report at the start of Spygate 2 said it would be decided quickly? Like a week or so? This was from December 16th. Right again, Old Balls.