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Countdown To "The Last Dance". That Time Jordan And Pippen Made Kukoc's Life Hell On Earth

We are just four short days that will feel like a month away from episode 1 of "The Last Dance" which details the final year of the Bulls Dynasty. The last time Jordan, Pippen, and Kukoc were all interviewed for a doc we got this gem. The story of how Jordan and Pippen hated Jerry Kraus so much that they were going to take his little pet project from Europe and try to make him quit basketball. Every other player on every other team(with the exception of that one Angolan dude who got his chest caved in by a Charles Barkley elbow) during those Olympics got pictures, memories, and were treated kindly by the Dream Team as America stomped everyone's ass. Not Kukoc. They treated their future teammate as if he had killed their mother or was Isiash Thomas or something. Just absolutely wanted to destroy him for the entire game and they did. If Jordan and Pippen hated Krause so much that they ruined young Toni Kukoc's day in 1992, just imagine how much they must have hated him when the doc was being filmed 6 years later. I can not wait for Sunday. It's the first time I've been excited in over a month. It's going to be great. We officially have plans for the next 5 sundays. Feels great. 

I've also been watching all of these old Bulls games on comcast. Right now they're doing the 1996 Finals against the Sonics. I don't know if it was because I was too young to realize or just don't remember or what, but Toni Kukoc was fucking sweet. He was like the 4th biggest star on that team so maybe that is why he's kind of an after thought, but man he was good. Incredible passer. Good shooter. Could play multiple positions. His mixtape is definitely worth a watch.