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Pregnant Woman Crashes Her Car, Then Carjacks a News Van with a Pregnant Reporter Inside, and Promptly Crashes It

Source - Atlanta police say a woman who wrecked her car later stole the van of a TV news crew that came to cover the crash, ignoring the screams of a reporter who was still inside, and then wrecked that vehicle as well.

The WGCL-TV van was near the scene of the initial crash Tuesday morning involving Seniqua Lunsford, 38, news outlets reported. Police had arrived to investigate the crash when Lunsford got behind the wheel of the news van and drove off, Atlanta police spokesman Steve Avery said.

The station’s photographer had gotten out of the van, but reporter Iyani Hughes was still in the back, editing video. Avery said she yelled for help and tried to get the woman to stop, but she refused, so the reporter put on her seat belt. The van crashed about a mile (1.61 kilometers) from the first crash scene.

If this made it into "What to Expect When You're Expecting," it must be in the footnotes or appendix because I definitely missed this when the Irish Rose was on the nest. I remember the stuff about "Week 12: You'll have a heightened sense of smell" and "Week 14: You may experience vomiting." But not a word about "You'll have your work van hijacked by the pregnant lunatic whose car crash you're investigating and she'll waste no time slamming it into a curb." 

And while we're all of course happy that both mother and child are doing well, there's no way Iyani Hughes isn't kicking herself today that she didn't think to roll tape on this. Even if it was with her phone. Sure, she was fearing for herself and her baby, but a true newshound has to be ready for an exclusive whenever and wherever they occur. She could've been the first journo ever to get live footage of a carjacking in progress. That's the sort of thing that makes the networks sit up and take notice of a local reporter. And that opportunity is not likely to ever repeat itself. 

As for Seniqua Lunsford, say what you will about her skills behind the wheel, but she can carry my baby to term any time. She totals her car and thinks she and her child are going to jail. I'd say in that situation, 999 out of a 1,000 moms-to-be would cooperate and throw herself on the mercy of the court. Not my girl Seniqua. She jacks the first vehicle she sees, fires up the "Duke of Hazard" getaway music and nopes herself to freedom. That's exactly the sort of survival instinct you want protecting your unborn baby. She's a fighter. A terrible, reckless and dangerous driver, but a fighter. And that kid of hers is going to be King or Queen of the world someday. You heard it here first. 

You know how everyone talks about the "new normal" after the pandemic ends? I for one can't wait for us to get back to more stories like this, from our old abnormal.