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Wake Up With Vince Carter Dunking Over 7'2" Frederic Weis

No better way to start your hump day than by watching Vince Carter treat a 7'2" man like a mere speed bump. I still remember where I was when I saw this play go down. I had some buddies at my parent's house for a sleepover and somehow we stumbled on this at some ungodly hour because the Olympics were in Australia while using the WiFi of a cable modem that was probably slower than any internet connection in 2020 outside of Barstool HQ's setup. We watched it at least 100 times that night (no hyperbole either, Ernie Johnson saying "He jumped right over top of him" is still burned into my brain like a paused picture on an old plasma TV). And even after all those rewatches, our idiot kid brains still couldn't fathom how the fuck Vince Carter just jumped over a 7'2" dude. 

Shit, I still can't fathom it now with a full grown adult brain, that admittedly still functions like a kids brain. Vince Carter himself said he didn't realize what he did until after the game was over. You would think that you would instantly know you jumped over one of the tallest humans on the planet. But that shit was easy peezy for Vinsanity back then and I bet Kevin Garnett trying to push your soul out your chest was probably not a rare thing to happen after a big play in a game. If you want to talk about sports moments that you wish Twitter was around for, this dunk is up there with the OJ chase, the Malice At The Palace, and MJ's last shot in Utah.

Of course this basically ended Frederic Weis, was the first sign that the 2000s were going to be hell for the Knicks since they drafted Weis one pick ahead of Ron Artest, and gave birth to the lowkey greatest nickname for a play ever, “Le dunk de la mort” AKA the Dunk of Death. If I was Frederic Weis, I would have killed number 8 on the French team for being a showboat with that behind the back pass against the stacked USA team because if he doesn't try to get his White Chocolate on, the name Frederic Weis is completely forgotten about in history to everyone except Knicks fans who just remember him as one of many, many busts.