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With All Respect To Coley Mick, This Jamie Moyer Stat Is The Most Absurd One I've Enjoyed

The Mick Man is a unique bird and that's why we all love him. His brain works in mysterious ways and I'd put him up there as the No. 1 guy on the Internet to find absurd stats. He finds something that I'm pretty sure you need a secret code to get to that part of Twitter and then runs with it. It's beautiful to watch. But, I'd love that secret code to Twitter that I'm pretty sure Trill Withers also has. I digress. 

So I read through his absurd stats blog, which I enjoyed very much at my own leisure. Thank you for not rushing me, friend (said in my most Coley Mick voice). But then I remembered this stat I saw earlier in the week. It's perhaps the most outlandish number I've seen, well, ever. 

Yes, you could argue that Jamie Moyer is an old, but 9% of all MLB players ever? How is that even possible? Moyer pitched from 1986-2012. He saw my birth, live in 5 different states, graduate college and spend multiple years after college. I just can't get over 9%. Do you know how many different people have played baseball? A LOT. Am I going to fact check to make sure it was exactly 9%? Nope. There are enough RTs and likes for me to believe it.