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Amir Garrett Is An Absolute Crazy Person And I Love Every Second Of It

So what I've learned is I'm going to need Amir Garrett mic'd at all times when baseball resumes. I've also learned that he's a dog and I refuse to call him anything but that moving forward. Imagine watching the above clip and then going up to Amir telling him to his face that he's not a dog. Imagine calling him a bird or possibly...a cat? I assume that's what the Pirates did which caused Amir to fight them all to the death. I love this guy. 

Also having your fiancee get the final out for you in a league game is about as demeaning as it gets. Amir didn't have to do Arizona's Jon Duplantier like that. 

Also Jeff McNeil I know you're on the Mets but what are we doing here man?