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Scottish Scotty Shears His Hair With Old Fashioned Sheep Shears

Well look at this fella’s level of don’t give a fuck. When you’re that age, you gotta worry that your hair won’t grow back the same. His silvery locks could be gone forever because of rona goof. Just standing in the field and trimming his lettuce like the cabbage that that goes in mashed potatoes for that one typical Irish dish. What’s it called again? Ah yes, colcannon.

If you aren’t familiar, colcannon, with its sublime mixture of creamy mashed potatoes and tender cabbage, is a recipe that requires a declaration of love. That’s how good it is. That’s how good this haircut is. Colcannon good. Love it.

Anyway, if you’re needing a haircut, grab your old fashioned sheep shears from the junk drawer and then trim them pubes. 6 inch pubes is disgusting even for women who are known for their long leg locks. You need to start taking better care of yourself. It’s concerning.