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The World Health Organization (Emily Ratajkowski) Has Released A New Video Showing How To Properly Brush One's Teeth

We are currently living through a world-wide pandemic where all the focus right now is on cleanliness and hygiene. The world is focused on hand washing more than ever. On not swapping spit with strangers. On maintaining a safe distance from strangers. But one thing that has been forgotten about is proper teeth brushing technique. 

Growing up, I feel oral health was always the 1 seed. It was always brush your teeth this and floss that because you never wanted to get a cavity. We heard about washing our hands here and there, studied the food pyramid in health class once in 7th grade, mental health didn't exist, and every so often the school nurse would rummage through our hair for lice. That's about it. Brushing your teeth was the king. 

So it makes sense for the World Health Organization (it's actually just Emily Ratajkowski, but since the WHO is defunded right now, she is the obvious replacement), while the idea of hygiene is on everyone's mind, to release this video. Remind us that while we are stuffing our gullets with unimaginable amounts of candy and sugar, we gotta get deep in those chompers, especially because the dentist will be closed for god knows how long. 

As you see above, you gotta get those lower front teeth. But also don't forget the back molars 

Behind your upper teeth

The molars on the other side

Don't forget to back up a little so you have enough room to get a full range of motion in your brushing

Get those fronts again, those are the money makers after all

And then finally, wipe away any extra residue that might remain on your face

And folks, that's how you brush your teeth. Hope we all learned a little something about hygiene tonight. Full video below.