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This Idea Involving Bill Walton To Help Jump Start Sports Whenever They Come Back Is Absolutely Genius

Fuck yes. I love the idea of Bill Walton calling Pac-12 football games. You know why? Because who gives a shit about Oregon State vs Washington State? No one. Not even Pac-12 fans care about that game. We care if we have some money on it, that's about it. You know how you get people to start caring about it? 

Now the only downside to this is they are saying to put him on Pac-12 Network. I can't stress how stupid that would be. There are about 12 people in the world who gets Pac-12 Network. It's impossible to watch. It's impossible to find. There may not be one thing more universally agreed upon than how terrible the Pac-12 Network is in terms of setup. 

Plus, we know Walton can do other sports. Remember baseball last year? 

There appears to be a decent chance we're going to not have fans to watch football to start. So guess what? Everyone sitting at home needs entertainment more than ever. Let's get this started now. Put on a rewatch of a college football game and toss Walton on it live. Let's see what he has. Like I've said, don't have him on the big games, but have him on the 11:30 game that is randomly on TV. That's how you draw in numbers. 

Imagine Walton's mind when he's high as shit watching a flea flicker.