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Curators Worldwide are CLAMORING for this Rare Artwork!

The artist behind this masterpiece? None other than Kate "Salvador Dali" Barstool of Barstool Sports fame. She and Uncle Chaps were nice enough to have me on their live stream, "Guess Who" this evening. Kate asked that we send in a picture of us recreating a work of art or moment in time we enjoyed, but to re-enact it with household items so that she could paint it. This is a perfectly normal request so I sent in the below:

This is a play off of one of my favorite pictures of all time, and a "meme" that recently made the rounds. First, the original picture I had I posed based off of:

And now for the aforementioned "meme":

The bidding price for the picture is expected to reach several millions of dollars (USD) once we are all allowed to go outside in November.