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Young Patrick Kane Doing Everything He Can Not To Puke His Guts Out At The 2010 Cup Parade Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

Versteeg retired today. Congrats to Kris Versteeg on a great career. He will get one last shift, autograph deals at car dealerships, and will get recognized everywhere he goes in Chicago forever. Everyone remembers this moment, the type of moment you can only get away with because you just won a Stanley Cup. 

By far the best part of this video is a three second clip of Patrick Kane

Sweating his balls off, he's been in the sun all day, he's been drunk for at least three, and he's hitting that period of drunk/hungover/dehydrated that almost always ends in puking. We've all been in this exact same spot. The Earth spins at 1000 MPH and the only time you can feel it is when you're this drunk. Kane can't even be on stage. He's off to the side and just holding on to this railing for dear life. I was 24 when this happened and I too wasn't on stage with the team and I too was probably this drunk. Pro athletes, they're just like us.