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Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill & Others Are Auctioning Off Insane Experiences To Raise Money For COVID-19 Relief

Michael Rubin is the man. 

He just managed to bring together some of the biggest names in the world for the sole purpose of raising money to provide a crucial need during this time. Very few people would have that initiative, but to then demand they put up the best possible experience and really make it count, well that's just incredible.

"You need to give away one of your most cherished possessions or create a once-in-a-lifetime fan experience."

The #AllinChallenge is going to be MASSIVE. The platform has only been live for a few hours and already they've raised $1.5 million! And frankly, that's not too surprising considering you only need to donate $10 to enter to win ridiculous auction items. 

I mean, Kevin Hart is auctioning off a speaking role in one of his movies! Magic is offering a chance to play HORSE with him before you sit beside him, courtside of course, for a Lakers game! Justin Bieber will come into your home serenade you! Meek Mill is giving away his Rolls-Royce Phantom! Pretty sure those cars are worth like half a million dollars! Don't worry though, for the low-low price of a $10 donation, that could be yours! Lol, what??

The list goes on and on: 

Peyton Manning - a round of golf and dinner in your hometown
Shaq - a 3-on-3 pick up game with you and 4 of your friends
Mark Cuban - a one day contract to play on the Mavs

Honestly, there's too many to name. And it's just getting started. The Rock, LeBron, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock, Jimmy Kimmel and a shit ton of others have already been nominated, so this is truly the beginning. Head to the #AllinChallenge website to check out the rest.

Well done, Michael Rubin.