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Tim Dillon Ranting To Joe Rogan About Subprime Mortgages And The Cruise Ship Industry Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

I started the clip a little early to give you context, but the good part starts around 31:45. I mean, I spit out my drink when he said he got so drunk he used to scam himself. Imagine that? You sell so many sub subprime mortgages in a gin-induced haze that you eventually sell one to yourself. Twenty-two years old with a $700,000 house and no way to pay for it. Like he said, it worked out because he's in LA dressing up as Megan McCain but still, what a wild story. 

Rogan had a good one too. He said his buddy knew he was going to go bankrupt so he use to open credit cards and go nuts at the strip club until they were maxed out. Insane. 

Here's the cruise ship rant:

"They are cruise people- the lowest caliber of human to ever take a breath." Watch the whole interview if you have a chance. Just make sure to jiggle the mouse so the bubble stays green on your g-chat.