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THIS LEAGUE: Brittany Renner Has Made The Unprecedented IG Model Move From LA To Charlotte For PJ Washington

The name Brittany Renner may ring a bell in your mind. Back in the summer of 2018, there were rumors of Brittany & Teanna Trump releasing a tape together:

It's still talked about to this day. 

There is no news on if Teanna and Brittany will ever drop that tape (it would probably shut down the internet), but Brittany does have big news in her life. She is moving from LA to Charlotte:

She has even moved her location to Charlotte. 

I'm not sure most IG models could locate Charlotte on a map, so moving from LA to Charlotte is massive. Why is she doing it? Is Charlotte the new hotspot for IG models? Of course not, don't be silly. Brittany Renner is going to move in with PJ Washington:

What a damn quarantine session for the rookies of the NBA. First, we had Tyler Herro:

And now PJ Washington? SHEESH! This NBA rookie class has wheels like I've never seen before. Good for them. We'll be talking about the 2019 rookie class for years to come.