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Tiger Woods Won The Masters Exactly One Year Ago Today And You Should Re-Watch The Entire Final Round

That right there is the entire final round of the 2019 Masters and I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. This last Sunday the Fore Play boys went live and re-watched the entire thing and it was majestic. It's all in the there. The deflating bogeys on 4 and 5. The incredible lag putt on 9. Molinari and Finau going into the water on 12. Tiger's INSANE approach on 15. Molinari fully shitting the bed on 15 shortly after. Tiger's near hole-in-one on 16. The celebration on 18 with his mom and kids and Robbie Mac. And so so so so much more that you've forgotten over the past 365 days.

It's honestly so much fun watching a sporting event when you know what is gonna happen, especially when the thing that happens is something you've been waiting for for over a decade. It's so much fun listening to the announcers and talking shit to them because you know what's gonna happen and they don't. It's empowering is what it is. You feel like an all-knowing god. Just do it. What else are you doing? We're all sitting in quarantine with nothing to do. Might as well watch the greatest golfer of all time complete the greatest comeback in the history of sports. Do it.

Today marks the official one year mark since Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters. What a thing to say.