Danny Ainge Has Been Absolutely Crushing This Quarantine

I don't know about anyone else, but I have been thoroughly enjoying Danny Ainge being extremely online during this quarantine. Some may give him flack for the whole 1 title in his tenure thing (I won't, not when I went my whole life without one) or the fact that he no longer makes any trades, but we're witnessing greatness during this quarantine from our beloved GM. I mean what is the GM of your favorite team doing during this down time? Scouting prospects for the draft? Lol, loser. Meanwhile, today we have Ainge pulling off extremely athletic layups while using a trampoline. I didn't know he still had that kinda juice left in his lefts but that was wildly impressive. 

Let's not forget, the other day he was playing binho with Lil Weezy'

He told some all time stories with Perk that is a must listen for any Celtics fan

Then there was him getting ready for the Masters

He got in a meme off with Marcus Smart about becoming the next Patriots QB

all in all a top notch performance from Ainge during this quarantine. Not only that, he basically admitted he's the brains behind Weird Celtics Twitter legend Janos

I'm just thankful for whoever in his family showed him how to use the internet/Twitter. The more videos like this

the better.