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What Is the Worst College Football Uniform of All-Time?

What's the worst uniform a college football team has ever worn? A question which deserves so little time, and yet we have ample to provide it.

That Maryland uniform I believe is from the first game they ever used that template, which was certainly jarring. however, the Terps have actually turned that into some pretty good unis in recent years. That was the building block for one of the most unique and cool uniform arsenals in college football.

The replies had some doozies, mostly coming more recently as many teams and brands have gotten much more creative with uniforms and teams are constantly in a recruiting war to have the flashiest stuff. Here are some of the worst:

Oh, Russell, how we long for thee. That jersey isn't terrible, but what in the world is going on with those pants? Yuck.

I would submit that every university of Florida uniform looks awful, but yes, that one is particularly egregious.

Now my universally decried take on this uniform has remained steadfast since its release: I don't necessarily love it, but I do understand why 17-year-old recruits would like it and that's why Michigan State has it. It's different, sure. But it's not that bad.

This is a uniform I had never seen before this Twitter thread. It's definitely bad, but it's bad in an endearing way. Minnesota needs to wear these as a throwback.

I hate to put Florida on this list twice, but these are even worse than the last ones. Oregon's uniforms where they were supposed to look like actual ducks were cool. The same cannot be said for alligators.

Man, there may not be a team with a bigger uniform glow-up this century than BYU going from this to what they have now. Their royal blue throwback is one of the best uniforms in college football.

But there can only be one winner. And that dubious distinction belongs to …

… the Notre Dame Fighting Yankees. I get what ND was going for here playing in Yankee Stadium, but the execution was atrocious. Those pants are absolutely hideous. I'm sure they made for great Christmas gifts to all the Notre Dame football/Yankees/Cowboys/Duke basketball fans, though.

What's the worst uniform in college football history that isn't on this list?


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