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Do Yourself A Favor And Watch 10 Minutes Of Steph Curry Dribbling Wizardry

When you think of Steph Curry, what's the first thing you think of? His shooting of course, don't be ridiculous. Guy is only the greatest shooter to ever live who singlehandedly pretty much changed the way basketball is played in the NBA today. But as awesome as Curry is as a shooter, he might be just as nasty when it comes to his handle. That's half the fun of watching Steph play. Sure the 35 foot bombs are nice and make your brain melt, but watching him destroy people with his handle is part of his game that is just as fun to watch. As someone who is a big time sucker for a good ankle breaker and would much rather see someone get crossed up than dunked on, this video was right up my alley. Not a bad way to kill 10 minutes if you ask me.

Now after you watch that, let's have a little debate because why the hell not? Let's talk best handles right this second in the NBA that we saw in 2020. How about a top 10? That feels right. This is my personal list, you might have a different order and I look forward to you telling me how dumb I am like the good ol days. Here's how I would rank em (does not count anyone who didn't play this year aka John Wall/Durant etc)

1. Kyrie Irving

2. Steph Curry

3. James Harden

4. Kemba Walker

5. Damian Lillard

6. Chris Paul

7. Trae Young

8. Luka Doncic

9. Paul George

10. Ja Morant

Now it's your turn. What's your list?