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Coach Cal Crashed A Zoom Meeting For Incoming UK Freshmen To Talk About His Puppy

This quarantine has me thinking about going back to college strictly for this. I felt screwed when I went to Kentucky. Part of the reason that made me want to go there was being the best basketball program in the country plus SEC football. A true win-win for someone like me. What did I get? The last two years of Tubby Smith and two years of Billy fucking Clyde Gillispie. Coach Cal was hired spring semester my senior year and I've never been happier yet more pissed.

Kids at Kentucky have no idea how lucky they have it right now. A national title contender year after year in hoops. A football team that played on New Year's Day and is bringing in better recruiting classes than ever. Although they'll never get the experience of Stevie Got Loose or beating LSU in 3OT, they still have it made.

 Now this? 

Cal just crashing Zoom meetings to talk puppies? Those are 2 of the 3 things I love the most in life. You're giving me Kentucky hoops and pups. Throw in Bill Raftery and you completely my top three. I'm a little worried that Cal is losing his mind - he should be on the recruiting trail right now, but either way here we are. Cal is crashing Zoom meetings to talk about puppies.