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German Zoo Warns It Will Need To Slaughter Some Animals To Feed Other Animals

"German zoo warns it will have to feed some animals to others and has drawn up a LIST of animals to slaughter first as coronavirus lockdown keeps visitors away" ARTICLE

Unfortunately it's not just small businesses such as restaurants and bars that are being hit the hardest during this GLOBAL PANDEMIC 

Other places that depend on foot traffic, such as zoos, are also in big trouble, because without customers they can't afford to feed their animals; makes sense. If you watched Tiger King, or own a large dog, or an illegal Tiger, you would know that feeding large things is very expensive. I own 190lbs of dog and spend around 100 bucks a month feeding those hungry bastards. Not to mention vet bills, keeping up the exhibits, the list goes on. You literally have to keep some of those animals at an exact temperature, or they will freeze to death.

So zoo officials are having to face a tough decision, let the animals starve, or humanely euthanize them, and in one case, kill some animals to feed the others....

The main problem, as the article states, is that normally if a zoo cannot afford to feed an animal it will be moved to a zoo that can, but with border closings and other zoos also struggling, that is not an option.

Also as reported by the BBC "Ms Kaspari's zoo belongs to an association, which is not covered by the state emergency fund for small businesses". 

So her, and her animals, are left to fend for themselves, which is causing Ms. Kaspari to start making some rather fucked up lists...

'We've listed the animals we'll have to slaughter first,' Verena Kaspari, director of Neumünster Zoo told German news site Welt.'

Where the fuck is this list!?!?!?! There has to be some kind of organization dedicated to saving every damn animal on this woman's list, there is an organization dedicated to saving spiders, surely there is one for Prairie Dogs, which I'm sure is at the top of the list to feed the damn Tigers. 

Kaspari said that having to make such a difficult decision would be a last resort because the animals cannot be taken anywhere else, and that making the decision would be 'unpleasant'. 

Unpleasant!?!? That is the kind of word only a psycho uses when referring to slaughtering zoo animals and feeding them to other zoo animals...she should try devastating, or heart wrenching. Unpleasant is the way I describe an extremely hot day on the golf course.

I'm hoping this is just a scare tactic to get donations to save the zoo from the lack of visitors, really hoping that's the case....that has to be the case, right?

I could not find a direct link to donate to the slaughter and feed zoo that Kaspari runs, but you can donate to the Berlin Zoo here Maybe make a note you want your money to go to saving some poor animal over at that psychos zoo.

Have a great fucking day.....or try to after reading this...