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Chris Cuomo Blasted CNN And Is Reconsidering His Entire Life After Being Diagnosed With COVID-19

(Note: This is not a political blog. This is only about Chris Cuomo's come-to-Jesus moment, which was pretty fucking awesome.)

Chris Cuomo was diagnosed with COVID-19 a couple of weeks ago and has been quarantined to his basement ever since. He's been extremely open about how much it scares him, its challenges, and how impatient he is with his recovery.

"I'm ready to get out of the basement. I'm sick of being sick. I've had it. I want to get back to work. But I'm not ready and I don't have a plan to be ready."

His honesty has helped a lot of people feel like they're not alone, especially during a time when most of us are physically alone. 

And it doesn't look like that honesty is slowing down anytime soon. 

In fact, if last night's rant on his Sirus XM show gives us any indication, it may have just begun. It didn't matter if you were his employer or some random ass biker, he held nothing back and just let it RIP in the most glorious rant of self-discovery I've ever heard. 

“I don’t want to spend my time doing things that I don’t think are valuable enough to me personally… I don’t like what I do professionally, I've decided… I don't value indulging irrationality, hyper-partisanship. I don’t think it’s worth my time. Trafficking in things that I think are ridiculous… talking to Democrats about things that I don’t really believe they mean and talking to Republicans about them parroting things they feel they have to say…

I’m basically being perceived as successful in a system that I don’t value. I’m seen as being good at being on TV and advocating for different positions … but I don’t know if I value those things, certainly not as much as I value being able to live my life on my own terms.”

You know that scene in The Office when Michael quits his job and everyone is on pins and needles waiting to hear exactly how he quit and then they're all disappointed his story didn't involve telling David Wallace off or telling him how awful Dunder Mifflin is? Well, this is the opposite of that. 

Cuomo, on national radio, basically just said his CNN job is filled with ridiculousness and liars and he doesn't "value," aka give a shit, about any of it. 

What does he give a shit about? Being able to tell random fatasses that get in his face to fuck off.  

“And I don’t want some jackass, loser, fat tire biker to be able to pull over and get in my face and in my space and talk bullshit to me, I don’t want to hear it… I want to be able to tell you to go to hell, to shut your mouth … I don’t get that doing what I do for a living. That matters to me more than making millions of dollars a year … because I’ve saved my money and I don’t need it anymore."

I love it! For years, he's been stripped of the right, of the release, of telling someone off. For years, he's quietly listened to some guy bitch him out on Easter Sunday, his inner rage growing deeper and deeper. 

But at a certain point, a man (or woman) has to decide how much he's willing to take, how much bullshit he's willing to endure for the green. 

Well, guess what? Not only has he made the money, he's saved it for a rainy day. And that day was yesterday. Thanks to the virus that has Cuomo sitting alone with his thoughts, he's realized life's too short to pretend and do shit that doesn't matter.

"I don’t think it’s worth it to me because I don’t think I mean enough, I don’t think I matter enough, I don’t think I can really change anything, so then what am I really doing?”

Many people are calling this a meltdown, but I would argue that coming to the realization that you want to mean more, matter more, and be able to create change is a breakthrough, not a meltdown. 

Alright, maybe a breakthrough with a side of built-up, restrained confrontation tension, but a breakthrough nonetheless.