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If You're A Soccer Mom, Do NOT Ask Xzibit About Pimp My Ride

Last week on the Dog Walk we drafted MTV shows.  One can find that episode by clicking here.  This is who each of us drafted:

Our "ranking" episodes have triggered a lot of great reminiscing about us. Since there's no sports, I thought it'd be a good idea to go down of videos of old school of Pimp My Ride on YouTube.  The only thing is there aren't actually videos of old episodes on YouTube. It's all videos on what actually went down on the show behind the scenes.  

Everyone always assumed this was the case, but nobody wanted to admit it to themselves. Kinda like finding out Santa Claus isn't real. The Huffington Post even had some exposé (did I use that correctly?) on the behind the scenes shit back in 2015:

But anyways…

Xzibit seemingly fucking HATES Pimp My Ride nowadays.  I love how self deprecating he is about his time hosting the show too.  The way he talks, it sounds like he fucking loathes that he was sort of typecast in a way, and even though he admits his music career was basically over at the time, he doesn't hold back when people ask him to pimp their rides, and that he's more known for his time on that shitty (yet awesome) TV show.  

Take this tweet back in 2016 as an example:

Fucking hilarious response. It's kinda like how some artists get beyond sick of singing their hit songs.

Now fast forward to present day. A few weeks back he sat down with Jeremy Hecht of Hip Hop DX and talked about how annoyed he'd get with all of the "soccer moms" coming up to him and asking him to pimp their rides:

The imagery of some fake-titted, blonde, yoga pants wearing suburban soccer coming up to Xzibit and asking him to pimp out her 2017 Suburban, followed by his subsequent "no bitch, I never actually touched the cars" reaction is so goddamn funny to me.