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University of Cincinnati Had To Shut Down Its Men's Soccer Program Due To 'Challenges And Uncertainty' Because Of Coronavirus

[Source] - Citing "profound challenges and widespread uncertainty" because of the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Cincinnati announced Tuesday that it is discontinuing its men's soccer program.

The Bearcats have been competing in men's soccer since 1973.

Well this just felt like a matter of time unfortunately. Really what this is doing is just showcasing a few not so secrets about college athletics. One, it's a business. They are there to make money on things like football and basketball (thanks to the NCAA Tournament) in order to support some of the smaller programs. Two, a lot of these smaller sports lose the college money - as it cost Cincinnati just under a million dollars to have a men's soccer program. 

The moment that coronavirus hit and canceled the NCAA Tournament, it was going to be a major blow to these sorts of things. As far as I can tell, Cincinnati is the first university (or at least major conference one) to shut down a program because of coronavirus. 

I love the quote by the AD. Of course it was sparked by coronavirus, but not 100% related to the pandemic. That's his way of saying, yeah this doesn't happen if we have money from the NCAA Tournament coming in and a certainty of football being normal. It's a beautiful way to say you're not lying by not telling the whole truth. As to why they chose the men's soccer program over other sports: 

It makes sense. It sucks for the athletes, but when you don't have a coach, you don't have certainty of revenue coming in, you're going to be the first one cut. Now the good thing is Cincinnati is welcoming these guys back and letting them make a decision. 

It sucks, but we'll see if there are more things like this happening. Let's beat coronavirus and get sports back, please. We need it. Colleges need it! Just give us a regular college football season, please.