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Here's "The Office" Theme Song Played In Ten Different Genres And They're All Fantastic

The Office theme song is in a difficult position because it's a no-doubt heater, but everyone watches the show so much that the theme song gets overplayed (at a ridiculous volume, Netflix) so I feel like it goes from great song to terrible nuisance fairly regularly. For me it does, at least. That's why it's very nice of George Michael to hook us up with a change of pace here and let us experience the melodies from other genres. Refreshing as that first glass of water on a Saturday morning.

As for the best versions? 

1. Reggae

2. Blues

3. Country

4. Punk

5. Jazz

6. Rap/trap

7. Metal

8. Original

9. Pop

10. 8-bit

PS - The GOAT, of course