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"NHL To Houston" Is Trending On Twitter, And Whoever Started It Can Go Fuck Themselves

I don't understand twitter trends. This was filed under "trends for you(me)" and the only thing I could find as the potential source for this "trend" is the tweet above. I don't think the NHL is expanding or relocating any time soon. The league is finally set to have their 32 teams and 4 divisions of eight once Seattle comes in. I am sure they'll expand again at some point in the future. Probably not for another 15 years at least. And with that said, if Houston thinks they're next in line to get an expansion team or a relocated team they can promptly go fuck themselves. I don't care that Houston is America's fourth largest city. I don't care that it makes more sense geographically than some other cities. I don't care that Gordie fucking Howe played for the Houston Aeroes 50 years ago. This is one of those things where if Bettman or whoever is in charge the next time the league goes through some sort of franchise change puts a team in Houston they should be fired immediately. The NHL needs to right certain wrongs and they can start with...Quebec City

They've got the building. They've got the fans. They have a built-in TV partner in Canada. They've got history and a rivalry with Montreal. They've got literally everything you'd want except a team and American dollars. It's one of those things where on paper Quebec doesn't stack up with Houston in any possible measure that you could find on a census or nielsen ratings, but you still know in your heart Quebec is the play. Those colors. Those jerseys. Fucking asshole french people. Houston is Atlanta and Quebec is a cooler version of the Winnipeg Jets. The league would be stronger and sweeter with the Nordiques back in the NHL. So whoever is pushing this idea of Houston getting a team...please, get fucked.