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Tottenham Star Dele Had A Perfect Quarantine Birthday Party: Solo Game Of Twister, PS4 Controller Cake Oh, And His Model Girlfriend

It's the middle of quarantine across the world (well, except Belarus) and we still have birthdays. We gotta find different ways to celebrate, even if turning something like 24 is irrelevant. Birthdays really don't matter after 21 except 30, 40 and 50. That's really it. Do you know how irrelevant those middle birthdays are? I legit forgot I turned 32, had to think if I turn 33 in a few months or not. It's all the same. 

So here we have Dele turning 24 over in England. I gotta admit, I'm pretty jealous of that quarantine birthday party. A PS4 controller cake? That's just awesome. Only way that could be better is if it's an ice cream cake. Ice cream cake is silly. 

Now the solo Twister? Not for me. I'd pull a hammy maybe a few other muscles. But the picture of him holding a solo cup and flipping a burger? That's something I'm down with. No, correction, that's something I excel at considering that's prime dad material. It actually has a little Get off the shed feel to it: 

But let's be honest, I threw the words model girlfriend in the headline, because that's why you'd click this. You didn't read any of this. You may have read two words to see why there's an SNL skit in the blog. He's apparently spending quarantine and his birthday with Ruby Mae, his model girlfriend. Not sure why she wouldn't play Twister with him. 

House looks dope too. 


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