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'We've Got Plenty Of Pot' - Legendary NBA Coach Don Nelson Explaining How He's Correctly Dealing With Coronavirus In His Hawaii Castle

In terms of guys I'd want to be quarantined with, Don Nelson is extremely high on the list. He's an elite pick. Why? Look at that quote. The man loves getting high as shit out in Hawaii. Do you know how awesome that sounds? Wait, let me clarify one more time. He gets high as shit in his castle in Hawaii. That sounds amazing even if there is a story of him and his friends just playing poker as one of their other friends died at the table

Sometimes you have to accept that you're going to get into weird shit with Donnie. But imagine the stories he has - especially from the Warriors team. Shit look at these guys celebrating after Don Nelson said he's been smoking pot since retiring: 

And even in quarantine you don't know who is going to stop by. Bill Walton, who fucking LOVES Maui, may stop by to see his buddy: 

Now would I be terrified of getting too high with Nelson? 100%. There's no doubt in my mind that he has some strong strands. You don't smoke weed with Bill Walton without knowing you're in for a real high. What have I been doing during quarantine? Rewatching Wrestlemania's, playing video games until 1am, living like a 14-year old. You know what sounds better? Getting high, slapping on an old NBA game and listening to Nelson break down the game and tell stories. 

When this is all over, I have a new mission in life. Get a drink with Raft (still my number 1 goal in life) and smoke some weed with Don Nelson.