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My New Favorite Thing In The World Is Watching Degenerate Psychopaths Scream At Horse Races

I'm all in on dudes watching horse racing and I didn't even know. There's your daily COVID-19 silver lining. Without the pandemic, I would have never gotten to this hopeless, pathetic, devastatingly depressing point of entertainment. And that's coming from the angle of someone who literally earns a living yelling into a camera phone during sporting events. It's already my sweetspot and I still undervalued it. Absolutely pathetic effort on my part.

Unfortunately, if the news is remotely true, then we're going to be watching ponies exclusively for a long, LONG time. I think Liz is pretty close to a real journalist and she just blogged this: 

Assume for a second that the experts are right and we'll need a vaccine to ultimately get over COVID-19. I know it's hard. Just do me a solid and briefly assume that the laws of science and physics hold up in my blogs. Pretend that we'll need a cure to move on. 

"Greater than 12 months off" = No fucking bueno

Which brings me back to the ultimate realization that we're going to be overly excited horse people from now. We really don't have a choice. Everyone waiting for Adam Silver to save the day needs a reality check and a beat on White Sox Dave's daily Pick 6. Things aren't getting better before they get any worse so maybe it's time we just say fuck it and let it ride with these guys. In the absence of bowling, softball, golf, day drinking and all other passionate activities that I hold sacred, I feel like we have no other choice. 


*My downfall starts now