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ICYMI: Monday White House Press Briefing on Coronavirus Escalated Quickly

In case you missed it, the White House press briefing on Monday kicked off with quite a bang. I had it on mute for the first couple minutes, but immediately twitter was flooded with clips of Dr. Fauci clarifying his comments about hypothetically starting the lockdown earlier to save more lives. Here are the clips:

This started a big back and forth between Trump and the reporters, basically just yelling questions about how can you be sure you did everything right, and Trump replying that he’s done everything right... just a classic Monday in DC… but then the slideshow.

Trump presented a video powerpoint Slideshow of media clippings spliced with a timeline of his actions, essentially trolling Fox News and NYT:

This Bernard guy is a little too excited about the powerpoint, but apparently it made waves with CNN cutting the feed during the slideshow. Afterward, reporters were accusing Trump of violating the Hatch act (again) for having White House employee Dan Scavino cut a “campaign” video… which I'm pretty sure Scavino is in charge of all the videos, so I don't understand how that one works.

After that, it devolved into more of a shouting match between Trump and the Big Js in the press pit, with Trump claiming “Total Authority” over States during this period (which is also obviously not completely accurate):

Then came drama over the “Retweet” where Trump had quote tweeted something with #FireFauci in it the night before, and reporters questions seemed to suggest that maybe Trump was considering actually firing Dr. Fauci… turned out that didn't happen, at least not on Monday.

The REAL News from the briefing, was that the greater NY area continues to be the hardest hit, but signs are hopefully pointing to a level off in case growth nation-wide, 80 million Americans getting stimulus checks by Wednesday (get ready jet-ski salesman), we’ve got medical supplies coming out of our eyeballs at this point (allegedly), and HOPEFULLY if we keep being awesome at social distancing and washing our hands, we’ll begin re-opening sometime soon.

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