Someone Sent My Face To Dave's Apartment And It Reminded Me Of My Doctor's First Words


I couldn't tell if I was watching Dave unbox me, or my obstetrician deliver me from 23 years ago! I got opened up, received an instant reaction of disgust, and got tossed out the window. Just kidding about the window part, but the more I think about it, maybe I was tossed in disgust and that's why I'm so BENT. Or maybe it's because the big man upstairs wanted to get creative. Either way, it's fucked up. I do need to confirm two things though:

1. I did not send him my face. I don't even know his address, yet the whole country knows it!

2. I am unfortunately not living in the office. That was the part of the video that hurt the most because I miss living there everyday.

I'm just happy the picture turned out solid! If you still need help cleaning your apartment, I'm happy to help Dave.