Nuggets Center Jusuf Nurkic Has The Scariest Dad In The World Who Once Beat Up 14 Men At One Time

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(Source) Some of you may wonder where Denver Nuggets rookie center Jusuf Nurkic story began. And the other 99 percent of you probably don’t give a shit, but it’s kind of an interesting tale anyway. You see, Nurkic’s dad is a cop in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one day sports agent Enes Trnovcevic read a newspaper report that the elder Nurkic had been in a fight with 14 men and won. The next day he went to the policeman’s home and asked if he had a son. Of course, the answer was yes and that’s when Trnovcevic met Jusuf who was 14 at the time and had never played basketball. That story may sound like complete internet BS, but (on some level) Jusuf confirmed it, saying:

“Yes, it is true, in some fight my father has beaten 14 people. My agent Enes found out about this and here I am.”

Jusuf sprouted to a mere 6’11” and weighs a (comparatively slim) 280 lbs. He’s become a fairly productive role player for the Nuggets in just his first year, chipping in 6.9 PPG alongside 5.3 RPG. It’s not as impressive as beating up more than a dozen men, but then again not much is.




I don’t know how I am just finding out about Jusuf Nurkic’s dad but holy shit am I enthralled. You know how we always talk about how we miss Soviet Russia. The old sickle and hammer, big bad Ivan Drago looking motherfuckers, Cold War etc etc. Well that is exactly what Jusuf Nurkic’s dad is. Yeah it’s technically Bosnia but in my brain everything east of Germany is Russia. Just look at this fucking guy. That right there is the type of guy that will drink a liter of vodka with dinner and then go out and fist fight the entire world. And I love the story of how Jusuf Nurkic was discovered. Basically like that old schoolyard thing you would play, “my dad is better than your dad”. Well Jusuf’s dad is literally the best/toughest dad in the world and that is why he’s in the NBA right now. What a boss.



Hello. Camera man. I will find you, and I will crush it.