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The Crazy Story Of How A 20 Minute Phone Call Fucked All-American Monte Morris From Playing Hoops At Michigan

For anyone that doesn't think college hoops and college athletics in general is a business - just listen to this story. Now this is far from the first or last time that we'll hear something like this. Hell, it probably worked out better for Monte Morris to head to Iowa State. He was one of the best point guards in America while at Ames and that led to him getting drafted and now sticking in the NBA. 

But the man grew up in Michigan. He wanted to go there. He was ready to commit. Just one problem. When he called to accept the offer, they were on the other line with Derrick Walton. Oh they just weren't on the other line, they were offering him and letting him accept while Morris was trying to call to accept. 20 minutes later, they tell him there's no offer. 

You wanna talk about college basketball what-ifs. Here's one right here. What if Monte Morris called 5 minutes before Walton? He ends up at Michigan playing for John Beilein, a coach that obviously thrives with guards. Walton ended up being a Third Team and Second Team All-Big 10 player. Shit, he even blindly committed to Michigan which took the spot from Morris. Ironically one of the 5 schools that Walton has as his final 5 was Iowa State. You could just flip these two guys and have a completely different look. 

And sure I used 'fucked' in the headline to draw eyes. You could say they were protecting themselves by making sure they locked in one of the two point guards they targeted, whoever called first. What if they both picked to go elsewhere? Recruiting is the weirdest thing in the world - just ask any coach about it. But either way I could listen to stories from these high level guys all day.