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Kate Beckinsale's New 22-Year-Old Emo Boyfriend May Be The Luckiest Man Alive

Source - Kate Beckinsale is proving she's got a type -- spry, strapping lads, 30 or younger -- and in this case, her new fella's on the younger end of the spectrum.

The actress was spotted out Sunday in Brentwood, where she was holding hands with Goody Grace ... a Canadian musician. Who also just happens to be 22.

 It seems they've been an item for at least a few months now -- Kate and Goody were also seen hanging out together back in January, and they definitely looked like a bit more than just pals.

Also of note, Kate's newest boo thang follows a trend of her going after young dudes -- especially lately. We're talking, of course, about Pete Davidson and comedian Matt Rife ... both in their 20s. Kate's also been romantic with Jack Whitehall, who's in his 30s. Kate, BTW, is a smoking hot 46.

How lucky is this guy? Seriously, the only reason Kate Beckinsale's dating him is because she's bored and he's going to reap all the benefits. He's going to be all over TMZ until she eventually dumps him for the next twink she sets her eye on and by that time, if he's smart, he'll have been able to make a name for himself. If he's really smart once the relationship with Kate ends, he'll date her 21 year old daughter just to stay in the mix. 

It seems like older women dating younger men is becoming a trend lately. Hubbs wrote a blog the other day about Neymar's mom dating a 22 year old and how any self respecting son would have to murder him. I couldn't disagree more. If my 52 year old mother is getting 22 year old dick more power to her. As long as he doesn't make me call him daddy (in front of other people) he can have a seat at the dinner table.  Who knows how long this one will last, but based on how similar their pictures are, I'd say forever. Good for you, Kate. Cheers to the happy couple.