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Go To Bed With An ASMR Hot Towel Shave

From the website that brought you "Wake Up With," I am now introducing "Go To Bed With." As you guys know from the videos I've done, I love me some ASMR. Super relaxing, especially if you're trying to get to bed. 

Alright you guys will just have to bear with me as these "Go To Bed With ASMR" posts get weirder and weirder. I've eased you into them the first couple of nights, but we're going to start getting really adventurous. This is a hot towel shave. I love watching hot towel shave videos, I think mainly because I'm jealous I can never get them since I don't really grow facial hair (until this epic goatee that is). 

But go in with an open mind and I think you'll find it oddly relaxing and satisfying.