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PG County Police Trying To Solve The Crime Of The Century And They Need Your Help


PGPD Issues BOLO for Bunny

The PGPD is asking for our community’s help in finding the burglar who snatched a bunny costume. Please keep your eyes peeled for a 6′ gray and white furry bunny with pink ears and a pink nose.

Unfortunately, we aren’t joking. On June 6, 2014, patrol officers were called to the 4600 block of Calvert Road in College Park for a burglary. Employees discovered a storage shed had been broken into overnight. The only item taken was the costume.

Lock the doors! Shut the windows! Save the women and children first! PG County is going all out looking for the notorious outlaw who stole this bunny costume. Cash..sorry..Ca$h reward to whoever catches the rebel daring enough to take off with this bunny suit. This isn’t a joking matter. You don’t just waste police resources on cases that don’t strongly impact the community. Will Easter be canceled next year? Will the schools have to shut down? Will someone just find this bunny costume! Oh the humanity.

PS: It’s such a slow day this story has been picked up by news outlets nation wide. They are actually reporting on this.