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Happy Anniversary To The Greatest Masters Performance Of All Time

23 years ago is a long time. Writing that out makes me realize just how many of you have little to no concept of how badly Tiger Woods destroyed opposing golfers from 1997 thru 2002. Truly and without hyperbole, the margin between him and the next guy is as significant to me as MJ's run in the 90's 

Obviously that run started right here in Augusta, Georgia circa 1997 when he posted a still-record 18 under par. Experts who know what they're talking about (read: not me) say that his holes 10-54 might be the best ever played in Major Championship Golf. And in hindsight 23 years later, it's absolutely ridiculous to think about how he played some of these holes now that we've all become Augusta National experts through CBS's industry leading broadcast. 

(hushed tone) I've never seen anyone play Azalea this confidently, Jim

Here's a smorgasbord of the complete and total annihilation 23 years ago

And of course I'd be a sucker not to include all 3+ hours of the final round at a time when we are literally months away from live sports. Sue me for the nostalgia. The guy won the world over for a reason and here's the first step. 

Final Round

Seriously though Tiger congratulations. I love you.