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Tonight At 7 PM: Me Vs. Smitty In Jeopardy On Instagram Live

A few weeks ago, I decided to start tracking my Jeopardy performances each night. I have become a nightly Jeopardy viewer since quarantine started. It has quickly become can't miss television. Like most people, I get excited when I get any answers correct as I blurt them out at my TV. So I decided to actually keep a running tally. On average, I'd say I get anywhere between 30%-40% of the answers correct on a given night. Nothing to write home about but not completely embarrassing. 

Tonight, we're going to take it to the next level and go live against General Smitty on Instagram. Smitty and I have had our fair share of Jeopardy video game battles on Gametime. But due to a couple of major Final Jeopardy blunders by me, and Smitty having the timing rigged, I have not emerged victorious. 

That will change tonight. 

Here are the rules. 

-We will get 1 point for every correct answer. We will lose 1 point for every wrong answer

-The first person to shoutout the correct answer when the clue pops up on the stream gets the point. No need for "what is" when answering.

-We will then have a tally that we can wager going into Final Jeopardy. 

Things will likely get extremely confusing and chaotic. We'll likely just have the streams on our faces for copyright issues. I imagine we will lose count. I imagine we will somehow have cheating accusations.

We'll be live on both my and Smitty's Instagrams. 

You can follow me @tomscibelli

You can follow Smitty @smittybarstool

If you're on the east coast, join us live as you watch. 

If you're not on the east coast, watch anyway so you can get all the answers right for later and look like a genius.