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Somehow The Bears Season Is Still Alive Today In Detroit


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I think most people have picked up on my sarcasm the last 2 weeks when I’ve been talking about the Bears “murdering” the Bucs and Vikings. The reality is the Bears struggled and beat 2 very bad football teams, not exactly showing anything of real value. But with all of that said this season is not over. It’s a incredible long shot but there is a chance. A win today in Detroit and the Bears have 3 of the last 4 games at home and a chance to get a little momentum going. Do I think they’re a good football team? No, of course not, I have two eyes and a brain, but the fact that today’s game still means something gets the juices flowing. Win today and who knows, the NFL is a crazy league and crazy things happen every year. Just pray Trestman takes the handcuffs off the offense and lets them try to win a game. Bear Down.


Going with a Berman score today. Bears 22, Lions 18