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How Was Everyone's Commute This Morning?



CTA Brown and Purple line train service was disrupted Tuesday morning following an extra-alarm fire at a shuttered elementary school in Lincoln Park. Crews were called shortly after 1 a.m. to the fire at the former Mulligan Public School in the 1800 block of North Sheffield Avenue. The fire was raised to a 3-11 alarm about 2 a.m. The CTA was running no Purple Line Express service between Howard and the Loop because of the fire this morning, and Brown Line trains were not operating between the Fullerton and Merchandise Mart stops, although trains were being diverted into the State Street Subway, according to the CTA. Shuttle Service also was being run between Fullerton and the Loop, and trains were running on the Loop.





Oh shit all the train lines are delayed. Quick, think fast, how about Lake Shore Drive.









Hope everyone involved in this is safe. Tough morning to try and get to work. But, the silver lining is you now have a built in excuse for showing up late. Have to fire off a few quick emails saying you’re trying your best to get to the office but everything is shut down. Show a little fake effort then sit back on the couch and watch some college basketball. Umass -9 is free money, tips in 35 minutes. If you’re not cheating you’re not trying. Sorry I couldn’t get to work, Chicago is currently experiencing Armageddon, just look at the South Side as well.






Seriously what the fuck is going on right now?