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Very Sad News: Karl-Anthony Towns' Mom Died Just Two Weeks After He Broke Down Begging Everyone To Stay Home As She Was In A Coma Due To Coronavirus

Fuck man, this is just another one of those sad days in quarantine. We had the terrible news of Tarvaris Jackson dying in a car accident and now this about Jacqueline Towns, KAT's mom. If you're a Kentucky fan, ever watched Kentucky when he was there or same for the Wolves, you know how important she is to him. They were as close as close could be and she was a staple at every game. Remember that time she had enough with Joel Embiid after the fight with KAT and was ready to take actions into her own hands? 

Or the time she was there when KAT found out he made his first All-Star Game: 

Just over two weeks ago KAT posted a video explaining that Jackie was in a coma due to coronavirus and begged everyone to stay home. I know it sucks, but we gotta keep following the precautions until this shit calms down. 2020 fucking sucks.