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Celtics Twitter Must Find Jayson Tatum A House With An Indoor Court

Alright so I know pretty much every NBA player is in the same boat when it comes to practicing and staying in basketball shape during this quarantine, but I certainly don't love hearing Tatum say he hasn't touched a basketball since that game in Indiana. That was 34 days ago. A quick scan of the NBA bylaws tells me there's no way we can convince Danny Ainge to just give Tatum his max rookie extension immediately so he has the cash to build an indoor court real quick which frankly I find pretty bullshit. We should be able to throw all rules out the window during this quarantine, wake up Adam Silver. 

Is it a little weak that Tatum doesn't want to practice outside because the weather in Boston stinks? Not great, I'll say that. It's never going to get better Jayson I hate to break it to you. Knowing that, we can't live in a world where Tatum just never practices so what other options do we have? Honestly the only thing I can think of is Celtics Twitter needs to put our collective heads together and find a house somewhere in the Boston area with an indoor court that Tatum can move his family to during this quarantine so he can get some shots up. One of us has to know some rich asshole who would be willing to donate his house right? Shit, if Tatum is willing to suck it up and practice outside, he can just drive to my parents house in Worcester and use my driveway. The rim is only like 9ish FT since the driveway has a slope, but it's better than nothing. They are in Arizona so they won't mind. If not and Tatum has to be inside, I know one of you knows someone who has an indoor court. 

We cannot let something like a lack of an indoor court potentially get in the way of Jayson Tatum's breakout year. It's too important. If you're reading this right now and you know someone currently quarantining in one of these mansions, it's time to convince them to pack their shit and go somewhere else so Tatum can move in. He does so much for us on a nightly basis, it's the least we can do. Just think of how much better this move will be if Tatum has nothing but time to work on it in perfect practice conditions