'My Husband Worked His Ass Off. All He Wanted Was To Spend Time With Our Girls. Life Truly Isn't Fair.' - Vanessa Bryant's Heartbreaking Post About Kobe's Last Game

I know the whole 'on this day x years ago, y happened' is played out. That's all some companies seem to be doing during quarantine because they haven't come up with content and are relying on anniversaries. That said, this one got me, because it's one of the few times Vanessa Bryant has spoken about Kobe since he tragically died. 

But everything about that is heartbreaking. I was by no means a Kobe fan on the Lakers, but there was something wrong about him seemingly ending his career being injury-prone on an irrelevant Lakers team. It was one of those things it felt like he should have went out losing in the NBA Finals and passing the torch in a way similar to Duncan and the Spurs. 

Man there might not be anything that hits it home more that Vanessa lost a husband and child more than the end. That's where it got me. Just saying life truly isn't fair and playing the what-if game on Instagram. I can't even imagine, still months later, how Vanessa copes day after day with this tragedy for her. 

It might be quarantine, it might be 2020 just fucking sucking, but there's something about those 'life isn't fair' words that are just sticking out to me. I remember the days after Kobe died everyone seemed to be doing the standard, I'm going to change this about my life because it is short and who knows how long we have. That's all I can think about reading this post. Whether it's something small or something bigger in your life, go change it. In the mean time you can watch 9 minutes of Kobe's last game: