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Jay Williams Might Be Able To Run For Mayor In Milwaukee After His Bucks Rant

Live look at every Bucks fan in Milwaukee

I missed this last week, but that's an A+ rant from Jay Williams. I sort of feel for Bucks fans in a sense that it doesn't matter what their team does, it doesn't matter how their team looks, the only mention they'll get from ESPN talking heads is more about which big market Giannis will go to instead of being legit title contenders. Doesn't matter that they have the MVP, doesn't matter that they have a guy who was .01 percentage point away from being the 8th player ever to throw up 50-40-90. Doesn't matter that they have the leagues best record, net rating, and point differential. Guys like Stephen A and Max Kellerman are always going to put more weight into the LA teams when it comes to being a title contender. That would frustrate the hell out of me as a Bucks fan.

Part of it is their own doing. You lose 4 straight in the ECF the season before, people are going to be hesitant to buy into your chances at bringing home a title. That's just the reality. They are one of the few teams where whatever they do in the regular season apparently won't impact what people think of them. Sort of like the Raptors last year. Their regular season was great, but nobody was willing to buy in until they did it in the postseason. Same shit now with the Bucks. You would think Stephen A would be a little more open to the idea though, given that this was a real thing that happened

If we're being honest, both the Lakers and Clippers have just as many questions about their postseason potential as the Bucks do. Nobody wants to talk about that though which I find strange. To claim that you are not just sleeping, but snoring on the Bucks is just flat out silly. You can't really use the argument that you don't believe in the Bucks because they haven't achieved anything recently and then go on to talk about the Lakers/Clippers being closer as contenders. What exactly have each of those teams done recently? Outside of the stars the Clippers to have an edge in bench scoring, but MIL is 10th (Lakers 12th). In last year's playoffs they were the 4th highest scoring bench unit in 15 games and basically didn't lose anyone. 

So far this season the Bucks are 2-0 against the Clippers and 1-1 against the Lakers. They are 17-5 against the West. Apparently none of that matters because the Lakers won that one game before the hiatus. To think that they have no shot whatsoever to beat any Western Conference team in the Finals if they were fortunate enough to get there just doesn't make any sense, and under no circumstances is Jay Williams going to allow you to throw such disrespect.