Patrick Kane Showed Up At A Beer League Hockey Game In Buffalo Last Night And Dominated

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Source We put up a post this afternoon about NHL players going home (like LeBron) to the team closest to their home town. Well Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks kinda did that. On Monday night he joined the Piranhas at a local rink in Buffalo where they proceeded to beat down the Essex St. Pub team 13-5.



How much fun do you think it must be for a guy like Kane to go back to a rink in Buffalo, play at like 40-50% speed and effort and absolutely dominate everyone. Little 5 goal, 5 assist night and my guess is if he actually wanted to try his hardest he could have put up 10 and 10 no problem. If I was a pro athlete I honestly think I would do this all the time. Like playing Madden on rookie level and passing for 12 touchdowns in a game.


Also, if you’re on the opposing team and you get smoked by Kane that’s an honor right? I don’t care if you lose 100-0, being able to play in a semi-competitive game with one of the best hockey players in the world would be awesome.