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White Sox Fan Scared Of A Bat So He Has His Wife Save Him

Hero White Sox Fan Snags Flying Bat, Saves Baby



Look, I’m not going to play Mr. Hardo here because if I had a bat flying directly at my face I would be pretty non plussed about that as well. I have zero clue how I would react. BUT, with all of that said, you just can’t have a worse reaction than this. Cowering under your wife’s bosom (old ladies have bosoms, hot chicks have tits) while she saves the day? Brutal, just brutal. Kind of makes the whole suns out, guns out tank top vibe tough to back up.


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.02.11 AM



Rough weekend for Sox fans between this guy and your fearless leader WhiteSoxDave blowing cinnamon out of his face on a live webcam. Chin up, they’re still way better than the Cubs in basically everything ever, so that’s cool.