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I Fucked Up, So Here Is A Blog Featuring "The World's Sexiest Weather Girl" Yanet Garcia

I went into full Dad Mode today and wrote a blog about the chaos literally raining down from the skies outside my window today. It wasn't the worst blog in the world nor was it the best. I would say it was perfectly fine given the content world we are living in.

HOWEVAH, it was brought to my attention that a weather blog could've used a little bit of a happy ending in the form of a smokeshow. While I don't know if that was the time nor the blog for such content, I have decided to give the people what they want in the form of Yanet Garcia, who I blogged about once upon a time.

So please accept my apology and this blog free of charge for Yanet Garcia being my Ryan Gomes. I'm not asking for a parade or even a thank you. Your pageview was more than enough. Have a great day everyone and I will try to be better from this moment on.

TL; DR - Playas fuck up sometimes. But lets be honest, you didn't read anything at the top of this blog or this note