Miguel Cabrera And His Barber Reacting To His 300 Million Dollar Contract




300 Million dollars. THREE HUNDRED MILLION (some people are saying it’s 292 but two hundred ninety two doesn’t get pageviews so deal with it). Such a preposterous amount of money and years that I can’t even wrap my head around it. Like I know I give Rovell shit for always doing these stats but this one is honestly shocking.





Miguel Cabrera will make close to 200,000 dollars a game. That’s just silly. Silly money. And as crazy as this contract is, I don’t really see what other choice the Tigers had here. They couldn’t not sign him. Of course they’re going to regret this in years 6-10. They gave a fat guy who has had drinking problems zero motivation to do anything ever again. Not saying he won’t continue to be great because I’m sure he will but it’s still fundamentally just a crazy idea, but that’s just how baseball works. Without a salary cap you have to throw around stupid money to keep your best players. The Tigers weren’t wrong for doing this and obviously neither was Miguel Cabrera. Just absurdity all around.




The Cubs might offer Trout half a billion. I’m only sort of joking.