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Patrick Kane Recalls The Most Fun Time He's Ever Had Playing Hockey

You know, I didn't need to see this today. I was having a good day, all things considered. Bulls fired Gar. Pax has been locked in his office with a red stapler. Ian Mitchell signed(per myself). Chicago sports, even though they're non-existent right now, seemed to be trending up overall. I didn't need this quote on my timeline. And my true people knew it

Couldn't look away and now I am pissed all over again. You could make an argument for trading Panarin. You can't make an argument for what they got. Fucking Stan. Guy broke up two soulmates and for what? Three consecutive years of not making the playoffs and no plan in sight for a path back to Stanley Cup Final contention. We got robbed of PRIME years of hockey that would have been electric and fun, even if the team was flawed overall. I am just going to fall down a rabbit hole of what could've been