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Crayola Needs Our Help Naming All 16.7 Million Colors

Gizmodo — Humans have names, plants have names, animals have names, even terrifying diseases have names, so why shouldn’t colors? Crayola has always been great at coming up with creative names for its crayons, but now’s your chance to help give a unique name to all 16.7 million colors represented in the 24-bit color space.

Head on over to, and your creativity may be rewarded with a color officially named by you. As with everything in life, there are some rules to follow: The name you come up with has to be descriptive; you can’t, for example, find a pasty shade of white and try to dub it “Andrew Liszewski.” The name also can’t be offensive, and it’s safe to assume the initiative isn’t open to corporate interests, so Coca-Cola Can red won’t pass muster either.

If this isn't the best activity to keep America busy during The Great Quarantine of 2020, I don't know what is. Everyone has presumably played all the video games and watched all the Netflix we as a society can take. So let's come up with some new colors.

This is so simplistic and yet so potentially rewarding. Getting one of your color names used by the official authority on all things colors would be the ultimate flex. And with 16.7 million possibilities, surely we can all come up with one solid one.

Here are some of the latest ones people have come up with:

While i sincerely doubt "Kermit Suicide Please" will make its way onto the color wheel, you have to admire the creativity. Conversely, if "Got That Purple" is not an official color by the end of the week, I will be incensed. That's a perfect one.

So far I've come up with a nice shade of maroon I dubbed "Brandon Freaking Walker" — no cursing allowed — and a blue tentatively entitled "Imagine Waiting All Year Just For Coach Cal to Blow It In March."

Fingers crossed one of those gets picked up.