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Underrated Movie Monday: Balls Of Fury

Everybody always wants to talk about the best new movies and shows they've watched. All quarantine long its been a dick measuring competition of who can recommend the best new shit. And yeah, obviously I'm down for all of that since there's shit else to do right now. Hunters is a fantastic show on Hulu. I just started The English Game on Netflix and that has been very solid so far. But when we can barely do anything besides stare at a screen in your living room all day for months at a time, eventually your brain gets fried and you can't keep up anymore. And when that happens, you just need to throw on a classic. 

And one of the most egregiously underrated classics is the action packed 2007 film "Balls of Fury" starring Dan Fogler as the once promising ping-pong prodigy Randy Daytona. 

The greatest movie of all time? Perhaps not. But Juno was up for Best Picture that year. I know Juno is a good movie but Balls of Fury tells a much better story and takes you along for a much more emotional journey. I mean to not only have Randy Dayton rediscover his love for the game of table tennis but to then also avenge the death of his father? Sorry about the spoilers but again, the journey this movie takes you on is masterful. 

Plus it has Terry Crews. 

Terry Crews, Christopher Walken, George Lopez. An all-star cast for an all-star movie that doesn't get nearly as much appreciation and respect that it deserves today. And it is absolutely better than Juno.